Saturday, January 30, 2016

"Lord, please give me the words" and more quotes

~Saturday Stories~

"Lord, please give me the words." -Gracie, Grace Notes

"Not making a decision is the same as making one. It's like saying you like how things are going, that you want to keep heading in the same direction. But I think that's a bad choice. I mean, why would you want to live a life that makes you miserable? It makes no sense." - Andrea, Harsh Pink

"If it wasn't valuable, why would God waste time giving you the talent?" -Abbie, So Over It

"Oh, believe me, I have no illusions, I'm certain there'll be more hard times ahead - I mean, you just never know what a day might bring. But what I do know is that God can see me through. I can't wait to see what he does next!" -Caitlin, Becoming Me

How about you? Have you made a decision for Christ? Have you ever asked God to give you the words? What talents has He given you? Are you waiting to see what Christ does in your life? 

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