Saturday, January 23, 2016

The Gift of Vulnerability

~Saturday Stories~

    Arielle maneuvered through the crowd following Mrs. Hale to a table. “Talk to me,” the teacher’s voice flowed softly. Arielle sat down drumming her fingers on the table. Her heart constricted with relief, while her mind screamed at her to run away.
   “You said you felt jealous, stupid, and ugly.” Arielle glanced at Mrs. Hale for a second, then turned away.  A number of months had passed since she had first caved in and called herself stupid. Too many beautiful, smart, and outgoing people had surrounded her to think that she would ever measure up. She had never met the expectations.
     “The devil’s feeding you a lie.” Arielle shook her head. She could not, would not believe that. How come, then, no one cared at all? Scenes of crying in bed, screaming at herself, and shrieking just to let the emotions out passed through her mind. She should stop the conversation. Had she not vowed to never go all vulnerable on anyone?
     “God loves you.” Mrs. Hale peered into Arielle’s eyes. Arielle played around with the table top. She believed it, but rarely felt it. Even so, the fact that God loved her did not mean she needed to value herself. She had not found any passage in the Bible that commanded people to accept themselves. Maybe God had crafted a lovely brilliant kid, but then she screwed it all up.
     “I care too,” Mrs. Hale’s deep soft voice permeated through Arielle’s slowly dissolving bubble. “I love you.” Arielle’s throat clogged up. She closed her eyes for a second. She had longed for a conversation like this for years yet had never allowed herself to fully trust others.
     “You are beautiful, Arielle. You are loved.” Through the blur of tears, she searched Mrs. Hale’s eyes for sarcasm or falseness but found none. She bit her lip. Did she dare? She opened her mouth, and words spilled out. Between tears pouring down and sobs ringing out Arielle spoke of her hidden emotions and troubles, opening the door to her story.
     Peace and love, two of the Lord’s many gifts, penetrated Arielle’s heart that day. The process of healing had begun.

How about you? Have you ever struggled with who you are and why you are here? How has God helped you? Did He place specific people in your life?  

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