Monday, January 11, 2016

Soul Surfer

~Monday Movies & Music~

Surfing. It is her first love. It is her passion. And she's got the skill to become a pro. At least she did. Surfing one day, Bethany gets attacked by a shark. Blood is lost in crazy amounts. She is rushed to the hospital. And although she survives, her left arm is forever gone. And with only one arm, pro surfing seems doubtful.  

But Bethany isn't about to give up. After tons of hard works, she faces the waves again abd declares to the world that nothing is impossible with God. 

I had seen a movie trailer of Soul Surfer a while ago and was pretty excited to watch this. Although I wish it was developed a bit more, it spoke of a great - and true! - story. Bethany Hamilton is a real person who lost her arm and is now a pro surfer. Praise God, who does such grand things!  

Have you ever felt that something is just way too hard? Nothing is impossible with God (Philippians 4:13), and it just might be that God will use your story to touch and inspire others.  

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