Saturday, March 28, 2015

When the heart aches

~Saturday Stories~

Tessa Emily Hall does writing prompts every couple of weeks. This week I joined in.

I fell into bed and crawled under the blankets. It should have been freezing, but all I felt was a numbness. I grabbed my headphones off the dresser, but then thought against it. Crying was better done in quiet. I let my hair fall from my ponytail - the one Ana always said looked good on me. It didn't matter anymore. I had jumped up and down when Mom finally conceded to letting her stay for the weekend. Now I wished she had given me that disapproving look she always did and declared "no" in a huff. Ana was going to bring a puppy. We were going to play on the trampoline and swing oh-so-high on the swings. Were. Not anymore. God, I whispered. Help me.

How about you? Have you lost anyone dear to you? How has God helped or is helping you through?

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