Saturday, March 14, 2015

"Life is just too complicated" and more quotes

~Saturday Stories~

“Life is just too complicated.”
“No. I mean, yes, life is complicated. But it’s not too complicated.” ~ Selena & Austin, Purple Moon

“You know, maybe that’s why we’re not allowed doovers,” I said. “The events we’d erase, God uses to shape our lives.” ~ Skylar, Me, Just Different

“Everything you’re doing is right, though, and that’s God working in you. Your spirit is being led by His spirit—your two spirits are in open communion. It isn’t up to you to figure out where this is all going. The whole point is to go where God leads and leave the journey up to Him—including the destination.”  ~ Mrs. Isaacsen, False Friends and True Strangers

"Nobody can control their own destiny, and I tried being true to myself, but I started going under. I'd rather be true to the Lord. It's way more fun!"~ Christy, Summer Promise

How about you? Which quote is closer to your heart? What quote(s) can you share?

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