Saturday, March 21, 2015

Out with the In Crowd by Stephanie Morrill

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Typical Skylar: I don’t know what they told you at the retreat, but it doesn’t fix everything overnight. Just like me. I thought accepting God’s plan for my life would make it easier. Most of the time, it’s only made it harder.

With her dad and mom back together and an always-caring Connor beside her, Skylar seems to have everything going for her. Until Connor starts spending time with Jodi and mom declares her plans to  move to Hawaii. And since Abbie is intent on ignoring baby preparations, Skylar has to buy all the stuff for Abbie's soon-to-born girl. Wasn't life supposed to be easier after accepting God's plan for her? Had she made any progress at all?

I loved most of Out with the In Crowd- the last quarter especially. The beginning was a little dry and I felt it could use a new character to spice things up. However, the ending was intense emotion-wise and it was awesome. Again, I wish more was said about having and deepening a relationship with Christ. God helping one change was accented, but not the relationship itself. In this book, however, Skylar tried to pray which was good. I enjoyed Out with the In Crowd and recommend it for older teen girls.

This is the second in the Reinvention of Skylar Hoyt series. The first and third are Me, Just Different and So Over It. Stephanie Morrill also has a novella, Throwing Stones, free on her website.

For more on Stephanie Morrill visit her website and Facebook page. She also is the founder of Go Teen Writers, a blog with lots of writing advice.

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