Saturday, March 7, 2015

Me, Just Different by Stephanie Morrill

~Saturday Stories~

Typical Skylar:  “I’m so what?” I attempted to sound forceful enough to make Connor rethink this whole line of conversation. “Cliché,” he said. “Cliché!” Far worse than the profane description I assumed he’d assign me. “I’m anything but a cliché.” ... “I’ve never been told something so offensive in my entire life.” I could feel the twitch of my left eye as I struggled to hold in tears. “What makes me a cliché?”

After a night she wish she could forget, Skylar knows changes have to be made. Changes like going back to church and not driving her sister to her boyfriend's place. But she never thought it would be so hard.  It doesn't get easier when she finds out her sister is pregnant and her parents are on verge of separation. Is it even possible to change? Are there people out there who won't let her down?

I enjoyed Me, Just Different a lot! It kept me turning page after page with its beautiful story. Skylar learns that change is not easy and that God is the only One who will never let her down. I wish more was said about having a relationship with Christ. God helping you change and become nicer was accented, but not the relationship itself.  I enjoyed it immensely and recommend it for older teen girls.

This is the first in the Reinvention of Skylar Hoyt series. The second and third are Out with the In Crowd and So Over It. Stephanie Morrill also has a novella, Throwing Stones, free on her website.

For more on Stephanie Morrill visit her website and Facebook page. She also is the founder of Go Teen Writers, a blog with lots of writing advice.

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