Saturday, August 27, 2016

"Stop listening to the Enemy" and more quotes

~Saturday Stories~

"God does love you. He's been trying to show you that. Nothing is so bad that He would stop loving you. ... You have to stop listening to the Enemy." - Renee, The Masquerade

"Not everyone is called to be a Quaker. But everyone is called to receive God the Savior." -Mrs. Fry, The Thieves of Tyburn Square

"You need to be really praying, Em. And reading your Bible. And you may need to talk to someone at camp, someone who can be kind of a prayer warrior with you, you know what I mean? Someone you can talk to about this." -Leah, Faded Denim

"Gracie talked to God as she walked, grateful she wasn't going into this alone." - Grace Notes

How about you? Do you believe God loves you? Have you received God as Savior? Do you have someone who can be your prayer warrior? Are you grateful that you aren't walking through life alone?

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