Saturday, March 26, 2016

The Masquerade by Sarah Anne Sumpolec

~Saturday Stories~

Typical Beka: "I swallowed the rest of my tears and pushed everything he said aside. I still had seven hours of school to get through. I adjusted my backpack, stuffed everything down inside, and walked into Bragg County High School determined to be okay. Whatever that meant."

Beka was there that day. Actually, she was driving the car. And now she doesn't know what to do and where to go with all the guilt and confusion she has after her mom's death. She can't talk with her family; they will never understand her. So she throws herself into school, auditioning for the musical and becoming friends with the most popular girl. But there is more to the story. She just hopes her secret never gets out.

The Masquerade was a very gripping and somewhat depressing book - at least at the start. Beka found herself trying to hold more and more of her feelings inside, and that played out on her relationships in the family. The turning movement at the end seemed too quick, and most of the  Christian content is only at the end of the book. However, Beka's story of how opening up can bring healing is well needed in this world.

The Masquerade is the first in the Becoming Beka series. The others are The Alliance, The Passage, The Reveal, and The Encore.

For more on Sarah Anne Sumpolec visit her website.

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