Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Hope and Someone to live for

~Tuesday Thoughts~

 I get it. You feel stupid. Useless. Guilty. Worn. Not good enough. I can’t even count how many times I’ve felt that way too. It’s crazy. But you know what? There’s always this Someone I can turn to when life sucks. God. And I know this might seem weird or trite or just an easy excuse not to solve a problem, but it’s none of that.

  You see, God loves you like crazy. You think you love someone? I tell you, that’s nothing compared to how God loves you. He’s not delusional; He knows you’re messed up and I’m messed up and that every single human being is ridiculously messed up. He knows that and still loves us. Even better, He made a way that we can get out of this pit, this darkness that constantly envelopes us, these mistakes we make again and again and again.

  The Way to get out of it is Jesus. I know you might have heard about Jesus before. I wouldn’t be surprised if you have wondered about who He is and what He did, but then, looking around at all the people who call themselves His followers, decided it was a big joke. But it’s not. Because even though His followers aren’t perfect in their behavior, Jesus is perfect. He is God, yet He also became a human being. How? To be honest, sometimes you don’t know exactly how some things work, but you still know they’re true.

 So, Jesus came to Earth, lived on it without making any mistakes at all, and then paid for our mistakes with His death, resurrecting on the third day. He paid the debt we owed for messing it up. It’s like if you owed $100,000,000, to someone, and then that person went out of his way to cancel that debt. Now all you have to do is sign that piece of paper that says you believe him, that it’s a done deal. God can make your life into something way better than you ever imagined, and all you have to do is say that you believe He canceled your debt. Plain language, no double meaning, just talk to Him.

   Will life be painless? No; I did this at six, and life has been anything but painless. But you’ll have hope. Hope and Someone to live for, because that Someone died for you.

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