Friday, August 19, 2016


~Friday for Friends~

Remember those days in elementary school when you declared that someone was going to be your best friend forever and ever? And maybe that's still working for you. But for a lot of us, it's not. 

I had an amazing friend in first and second grade. But, then, you know, life happened. I moved. That slow fade of our friendship hurt so much. Fewer and fewer emails got to my inbox, and fewer were sent by me. I tried to make yourself think that when we got together everything would be fine again. 

And then it wasn't. 

We both had changed. And not necessarily for the worst. Just not for each other. And it hurts. Oh, my, it hurts. And it's really nobody's fault. And it's kind of both of our faults. 

But you know what? It happens. It turns out to be okay. Even if we rarely see each other. 

  "God is our refuge and strength,
    an ever-present help in trouble." Psalm 46:1 (NIV)

It might hurt for a very long time, but God's amazing love can always help us through the hard times. Through family, friends, and especially through His Word, He can bring us peace we never thought we could have.  

How about you? Have you had some friendships fail? How has God helped you through the tough times? 


  1. I am dealing with my high school friend blindly thinking she will reunite with her boyfriend who was moved away to a whole diffeerent state. I am friends with her boyfriend and I see he is going nuts and is going down a path of being possessive that I went down years before and resulted in me dealing with pain. The girl is a lot closer to me and has not been always talking about him nonstop. I am indrectly dealing with seeing a friend go down a dark path that I have warned him is completly wrong and it hurts. Most of my so called friends I will never meet in real life btw. Me? I am everyones second choice on who to talk to for the most part. And suffer from being targeted by students. I gave up on friends. Other than God. I guess there is one friend who I have though. I commited myself to going to a community college I hate just to be able to be with her.

    1. Don't give up on having friends! Even if it hurts now and it feels like no one will ever care, that doesn't mean that is the way it will happen. I am not entirely sure it is a good decision to go to college just to be near somebody; have you prayed about it?

    2. I have not read the Bible in a month or so : (
      Have not prayed much ether : ( it's not just because of the girl that I will not go to another college . It's because I have no choice. I'm gonna be stuck having to take remedial math courses in college. Remedial courses are not worth a college credit and are only taught at community colleges . And tbh I hate where I live ! Not because of the type of town it is but because it is plagued with bad memories and events that tore a happy part of me out. A part that may not come back. The part of me that did more participation in church events and did not only go to church on Sunday's for church service. Now I don't even do youth group anymore and don't know many people at my church even though we have been at it for 2 years. I need to forgive the church members that kicked my dad out of our old church and move on but every time I see them I get upset at them. They hated my dad's sermons and had him kicked once the old pastor retired. I still see them church members and it's hard for me to personally deal with. So for me it's not a loss of a friend I suffer from. It's a loss of a whole church congregation at a church where everybody knows eachother. What they did as a congregation is hard for me to forgive. There are many other reasons I want to leave also. This town is misery. When I was at my old church 2 years ago I was very involved with church events and such. I have to deal with seeing these people around town fairly often and I want them to be out of my life.

    3. I am sorry there are so many bad memories! It's hard, but worth it to remember that neither you nor they are perfect. Hard, very hard. It's so much easier to let these feelings control what we do and think, but our God is amazing at forgiveness and asks us to try too.

  2. oh yes, God is much more reliable than any human.