Saturday, August 13, 2016

The Fight by Luke Wordley

~Saturday Stories~

Typical Sam: "Yep, these boys were going to be trouble. Sam had seen them across the street, talking and staring when he and his mum were moving into their flat. The next day the oldest one had knocked on the door and asked if Sam wanted to play football. Sam had refused. He knew what they were trying to do  — lure him out. A fight was just a matter of time."

Typical Jerry: "Jerry didn’t fret. His passion was to see young lives turned around, as his own had been many years earlier. In his mind, success in the ring was of only secondary importance."

Sam used to have a pretty good life with his dad and mum. But now that his dad is dead and his mum is quickly becoming an alcoholic, Sam gets angry at the world. He starts fights, most of the time when the odds are stacked against him.

Jerry could have made it big in boxing... He tries to squelch the memories and puts his all into training other boxers. God has turned him around, and he wants to see others turned around too. But when Sam comes across his path and Jerry sees the future the boy could have, who will win - Jerry's pride or God?

The Fight is an amazing story, full of the truths we often don't hear represented. Here is the story about the bad side of town, about fights, drinking, and threats of rape. Yet this is a story overwhelmingly full of God's love and forgiveness. Sam learns more about Christ, and Jerry's faith strengthens, and then fails, and then strengthens again. The battle rages in both hearts, reminding the reader that God's forgiveness will never stop. (The book does include a bit of swearing.)

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