Saturday, June 4, 2016

"You can't expect yourself to turn it off like a light switch" and more quotes

~Saturday Stories~

"Dear God, help me. I feel like I'm lost in the wilderness trying to find my way and I'm not even sure which way to turn." - Caitlin, Becoming Me

“That’s the power that comes with allowing God to have control of your life. You’re capable of so much more.” - Heather, Me, Just Different

"So, do you think that fashion and beauty are sinful?"
... "I'm not really sure, Emily. I just think that getting obsessed with it is wrong. I can feel that inside of me. And trying to make myself look like something I'm not... well, that was wrong too." - Emily & Leah, Faded Denim

"You've been into one way of thinking for so long, you can't expect yourself to turn it off like a light switch. Was there a time when you would have done it without batting an eye?"
"Then you've made progress. Let God forgive you and get on with it." -Ms. Race & Norie, "B" is for Bad at Getting into Harvard

How about you? Do you feel like you're lost? Have you seen that through God you can do so much more than without Him? Have you been obsessing about fashion and beauty? Have you been expecting yourself to turn around very quickly and been disappointed with how long change can take? 

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