Saturday, June 25, 2016

"Admitting it shows courage" and more quotes

~Saturday Stories~ 

"Everybody does things that they regret, Beka. Making a mistake and admitting it shows courage." - Renee, The Masquerade

"When you say 'If God loves me - if Jesus loves me,' that means you have some doubt. As long as you have that 'if', you're going to doubt the opportunities that Jesus puts right in front of you. I'm sure that bums him out. ... God loves you. There is no 'if'... That's why he sent Jesus to show us the way - he loves you that much. He's our Father - and you know how much a father loves his kids." - Dr. Peter, Sophie's World

"True peace only comes when God dwells within thee." -Mrs. Fry, The Thieves of Tyburn Square

"Prayer. When all else fails, or even succeeds, prayer can change things." -Pastor Ray, Faded Denim

How about you? Have you done things that you regret? Do you trust that God loves you? Have you experienced true peace or felt the power of prayer? 

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