Monday, June 6, 2016

Where Hope Grows

~Monday Movies & Music~

Calvin Campbell could have made it big in baseball. Operative word - could have. After freezing up during an important game and being fired, he drinks to try to drown his despair. His daughter Katie despises his drinking and, in protest, dates a guy her father disapproves of. Colt isn't that bad, is he? But then things start going even farther down, with a friend constantly reminding Calvin of his failure and Colt pressuring Katie to have sex. How long will it be before one or both of them crack?

Where Hope Grows (trailer) is a movie full of both despair and hope, with hope coming triumphant in the end. Produce, a Christian man with Down Syndrome helps both Calvin and Katie realize that the way they're heading has nothing good in store. Though tragic, the ending brings father and daughter to new paths. The movie is not as Christian as some, but it does show the role the church has in transforming peoples' lives.

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