Saturday, June 21, 2014

Candle in the Darkness by Lynn Austin

~Saturday Stories~

 Caroline Fletcher knows slavery is wrong. Her father's slaves have been more family to her than her own father and mother. But no one else in the South seems to be bothered with it. And when the Civil War starts Caroline has to decide if she'll do what God is telling her to even if it means losing her friends and the one she loves. 

 Candle in the Darkness is set at the time of the Civil War in Richmond, Virginia. The book starts with Caroline as a child and shows us how she came to believe what she believed. It then takes us through her adolescence and through the Civil War.  Overall, it's a pretty interesting story about standing up for what you know is right even when everyone's against you. Eli, Caroline's slave who hopes to be a preacher when the slaves are set free, delivers so many messages of God's love and faithfulness!     

 Candle in the Darkness is a long beautiful tale, so if you have a number of hours on your hand be sure to check it out. It is the first of three books, the others being Fire by Night and A Light to My Path

 For more on Lynn Austin visit her website and Facebook page.

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