Saturday, June 7, 2014

Breaking the Ice by Anne LeBold Douglas

~Saturday Stories~

Typical Carly: Hockey is the only thing that makes sense to me. There’s no feeling like it. It fills me and drains me, and I always want more.

Typical Samantha: There’s this new band playing at our church, and Jay wants me to go with him tonight. I want to, partly to see the band but mostly to be with Jay. We’ve been dating for two years but I still can’t believe he wants to be with me.

They are two very different girls: Carly, with her hockey-driven life, who cares little about anything else and Samantha, whose whole existence is wrapped around her boyfriend Jay. But they become friends. They complement each other. Until both their worlds crash and they don’t know who to trust. 

This was a really interesting book. It was probably the first book I ever read with hockey and it almost made me wish I could play it too. I liked that it was from two points-of-view though at times I wished we had the boys’ points-of-view too. Breaking the Ice deals with serious issues many teens face: hypocrisy, unfaithfulness in marriages, dating non-Christians, sex before marriage (nothing at all graphic), and the Church’s ministry.

I recommend Breaking the Ice to girls 16-19 years old. 

For more on Anne LeBold Doulgas, visit her website and facebook page.

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