Monday, June 9, 2014

Always have, always will

~Monday Movies and Music~

Always have, always will is a song by Avalon. Here are the lyrics.

No matter how many mistakes we make God always will love us. He always has, always will.

How about you? Do you believe God loves you even when you try to do things your way? When was a time He showed you that you'll always be His, no matter what? 


  1. Hello there! I'm new to here, and found you over the Go Teen Writer's website. I'm a follower now, but expected to lurk and never show my face in the comment box.
    ...And then I saw this post, and all of a sudden that expectation was completely shattered. You listen to Avalon? I have never, never met someone else who is a teen Christian writer who listens to Avalon! Avalon is one of my favorite group of artists, and I was totally amazed to see that you listen to them.

    So, yes. Here I am. You have a lovely blog, and you listen to lovely music. ^-^

    1. Hi! Their singing is amazing. :) I only have heard a few of their songs, but they are cool. Especially Testify to Love (just might be my favorite of all songs at the moment). Do you have a favorite song of theirs?

      Thanks for commenting. :) I'm glad you like the blog.

    2. I agree. It's so inspiring writing-wise... To be honest, I too, don't have a huge amount of their songs. I really like Testify to Love, though. One of my favorites is definitely "A Maze of Grace," because it's so very correct sometimes.

      Thank you for writing the blog! I look forward to seeing more posts from you. ^.^

    3. I'll have to go check that song out. What other music bands do you listen too?

    4. It's very lovely. Ah... My favorites are 4Him, Rich Mullins, Cloverton, an I'm sure some others I can't currently call to mind. What other bands do you enjoy?

    5. Rich Mullins used to be my favorite singer. :) I have a few songs from 4Him too. Casting Crowns and Point of Grace are pretty cool. And there are bands I only have a song or two of, but I really like: dc Talk, FFH, Krystal Meyers, Matt Redman, Plus One, Smalltown poets, Watermark. Yep, I had to go down my 'artist' list on my mp3. :) I should probably try to dig into music bands more. :)

    6. I love Rich Mullin's songs. Ah--! You have 4Him, too? Wow. I don't think I've ever met anyone else outside my family who even knows their name. Which of their songs do you have?

      I like most of Casting Crown's songs, but a few of their more recent ones have been disappointing. We have one CD by Point of Grace, and I really like their music. One of their songs, "The Great Divide," is very good. I listen to FFH, and I've heard a few Matt Redman songs. We also have some DC Talk songs, but I don't think very many at all. I don't know the others, though... Are they good?
      Heh. I did the same thing with my music folder on my computer.

  2. Yea, I don't do much of scrolling through the internet looking for music and we have a bunch of old cds, so I know mostly old music bands. :)

    We have Basics of Life and Can't Get Past The Evidence. What about you? :) We have two FFH songs and two dcTalk songs. Matt Redman's Blessed Be Your Name has encouraged me SO many times. Krystal Meyer's song Savior is pretty good. We have one Plus One song, but I looked it up and if I'm not mistaken they're banding up again and have a GREAT song My All. I love it. Smalltown poets has Anything Genuine which is pretty nice. And Watermark's More Than You'll Ever Know has cool lyrics and music. How does Cloverton sing? Oh, and I remembered Meredith Andrews has this really great song 'Can Anybody Hear Me?" which I sing sometimes when I'm feeling kind of down.

    It's kind of funny and ridiculous that it's the 21st century and I'm like 'we have this' and 'we have that' as if I can't go and google 'Christian music bands' and listen to a whole bunch of their songs in a matter of minutes. Oh well. :)

    1. Same here! The majority of my favorite artists have been around for a long time. My favorite style of music is older-type.

      I don't know Can't Get Past the Evidence, but "Basics of Life" is one of my favorites. We have the CD with "Basics of Life" on it, and their "Walk On" album. We might have more, but if we do, their in a box somewhere in our storage building... I love Matt Redman's "Blessed Be Your Name." I've listened to the song since my proverbial cradle, and it still hasn't gotten old. I'll have to look up those songs! Cloverton has kind of deep-ish voices, but not so deep that I can't sing with them. They have very lovely songs, and they're a Christian Artist. They also sing very... Clearly, I guess. I like bands that I can hear the music and the chords on the guitar and the beat of the drums. I like some of the songs of, say, Hillsong, but since they're live, there's so much extra noise. I like songs without a whole lot of extra noised.

      xP Yeah. I tend to avoid doing that, because some Christian Music bands aren't exactly Christian in all of their songs. I do listen to a Christian radio station--Klove. Do you listen to it? That's how I find most new bands.

      I nominated you for the Liebster Blogger Award

  3. I think I like Can't Get Past the Evidence more. It's pretty cool. Yes! "Blessed Be Your Name" is good like for all occasions. I'll have to look Cloverton up. I wish I could listen to Klove, but there isn't a station nearby, I think.
    Thanks! It'll probably be up Wednesday or Thursday.