Wednesday, April 30, 2014

"Thankful April" project

    List #5 

    So... April 30th was the last day of my "Thankful April" project. I did all 465 "thank-you"s! Can you believe it?!  Here are list #1, list #2list #3, and list #4. It was pretty fun, though hard sometimes too. Here are the last "thank-you"s of the month. 

    27) Thank you, God, for:
    • reading a great book
    • a great plot in it
    • my two youngest brothers singing a song 
    • Dad recording a skit two of my brothers did
    • walking the dog
    • staying home in the morning 
    • writing about myself 
    • some pretty quiet hours 
    • writing a blog post 
    • writing 
    • talking with Dad about the ACT
    • practicing the skit with Dad
    • laughing with a brother 
    • safe travel
    • talking with my brother about my story a bit 
    • thinking about going with the church to talk about God with strangers on Saturday 
    • an interesting sermon 
    • some of my family visiting my grandparents a
    • God's forgiveness 
    • school tomorrow 
    • memorizing more of the skit
    • finishing that story part of the book I was reading (haven't read acknowledgements yet) 
    • talking with some siblings about Veggie Tale songs
    • grapefruit 
    • Mom trying on different dresses 
    • finishing the dishes
    • finally going to sleep

    28) Thank you, God, for: 
    • buying a lot of free classics 
    • downloading them and a few others to my kindle 
    • buying 2 free Christian books
    • finding a blog showing free and cheap books
    • school ending for the day
    • learning about programming a bit
    • getting ready for a big test tomorrow 
    • hanging up my sweaters 
    • writing a book review 
    • wondering what will happen to the characters in the next book
    • getting a new hat 
    • laughing with siblings 
    • completing a project  
    • FINALLY showing the skit 
    • doing some math problems 
    • being let off doing chores 
    • Mom and Dad's friend coming over
    • my sisters showing a skit
    • homemade subway sandwiches 
    • a friend replying to what I said on Facebook 
    • feeling good about my acting (though I'm sure it's not wonderful) 
    • staying up later to study 
    • watching our performance on video
    • mostly everyone in class 
    • an email to read later 
    • a late but truly beautiful present 
    • a Dad and Mom that love me
    • a chance for Dad and Mom to go together on a trip

    29) Thank you, God, for: 
    • doing a test  - finally!
    • the test being not too hard 
    • hanging out with friends 
    • missing school because of the test
    • laughing with a brother 
    • buying a book 
    • some quite time 
    • a reminder of His resurrection 
    • sweets 
    • typing up a book review
    • looking at some blogs 
    • Mom and Dad being on their trip
    • Dad and Mom's friend staying with us
    • picking out a movie
    • warm weather 
    • computer being all right for now at least 
    • walking the dog with my sister 
    • talking with my siblings about history 
    • a great movie 
    • a good translation of the original 
    • Mom and Dad getting safely to their destination
    • having a Skype talk with them
    • dreaming of doing something with movies 
    • feeling independent 
    • a hot dog 
    • a friend sharing what books she's waiting for
    • not a lot of homework 
    • finding a website that (I think) has some interesting opportunities with Christian teen fiction books 
    • a writing contest entry that I'm planning on reading later
    30) Thank you, God, for:
    • planning stuff for next month 
    • stomach feeling better
    • reading a writing contest entry 
    • getting to school on time 
    • a pretty interesting project in geography 
    • working outside a little 
    • spending time with a friend 
    • ice cream 
    • reading a new book 
    • the wedding of a teacher at school 
    • three school-free days because of a holiday 
    • writing "happy birthday" to a friend 
    • writing a short movie review 
    • interesting writing suggestion
    • getting a song stuck in my head 
    • doing some math problems 
    • anticipating a weekend word war I hope will happen 
    • waiting for a giveaway on a blog I follow
    • walking the dog with a sibling and a daughter of a guest 
    • a little picnic outside 
    • a friend answering a message 
    • listening to some Christian music 
    • cross-stitching a bit 
    • Dad and Mom on a trip 
    • someone staying with us while they are gone
    • watching Abbott and Costello videos 
    • getting emails from Dad and Mom 
    • chocolate 
    • playing with siblings and Dad and Mom's friend
    • doing this project

    What have you been thankful for this month? Please share. 


    1. Hi Sofie!! Hows your school gone? I am thinking abut jumping off the thrid floor of the beach condo we at. Everybody hates me.

    2. God doesn't hate you.

      Yet to all who did receive him, to those who believed in his name, he gave the right to become children of God. John 1:12 (NIV)

      For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future. Jeremiah 29:11 (NIV)

      Never give up, Evan. He loves you and he has plans for you too.