Saturday, April 19, 2014

"Thankful April" project

List #3

As I mentioned on April 1st, I am trying to be thankful this month. It's really pretty cool! You can join me if you want. Here's the info about the "Thankful April" project and here's list #1 and list #2. This is my list for April 13th-19th.

13) Thank you, God, for:
  • organizing some information I have from a book about colleges 
  • walking the dog with a brother 
  • posting on the blog
  • a sermon that made me think 
  • finishing the great book I was reading!
  • buying the second book in the trilogy 
  • cross-stitching for about half an hour
  • reading a book on the joy of giving
  • reading about soccer rules
  • not going to school
  • restricting myself from almost all internet on Sundays 
  • reading Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice 
  • dinner at Subway
14) Thank you, God, for:
  • posting a book review 
  • doing a small online test
  • an email from a friend
  • sending that friend a birthday present 
  • learning a bit about programming 
  • finally finishing my homework!
  • writing my story a little 
  • talking more about homeschooling with Dad
  • making a little agreement with my sister 
  • seeing friends' prom pictures 
  • practicing a little for that big test 
  • cleaning up instead of someone today so he will do it on Wednesday instead of me
  • getting some stuff off my to-do list
  • Dad and Mom getting some building in

15) Thank you, God, for:
  • my brother finding my contacts that I lost
  • having a test on World War II in history 
  • safety
  • reading to and playing with a younger brother 
  • a piece of cake and a can of soda 
  • an easy math lesson
  • a small show in school 
  • starting to read a new book 
  • my brother learning simple magic tricks
  • Dad planning to buy a history book for next year 
  • walking a bit after school with a friend
  • doing math by myself for a while
  • a friend's birthday tomorrow 
  • an acquantince's birthday today
  • reading a blog post on writing

16) Thank you, God, for:
  • a chance to get a free book for a review 
  • a friend's birthday 
  • another easy math lesson
  • having a fun time in P.E. 
  • reading the Bible 
  • Christian music!
  • an idea for my story
  • sending a letter to my grandparents 
  • cross-stitching
  • understanding the few first lines of a song 
  • working on math a little 
  • dreaming of playing soccer (hopefully tomorrow)
  • Dad working on the vestibule 
  • looking up books on acting
  • paying off a small debt I had 
  • consulting Mom if I should get a book

17) Thank you, God, for:
  • school finally ending
  • reciting a poem in class 
  • playing volleyball in P. E.
  • talking with Dad
  • having homework done early
  • thinking about buying a book on acting 
  • knowing that I got some answers right on a test we had last Saturday 
  • French toast
  • an interesting topic in math
  • playing soccer!
  • getting chores done pretty early 
  • my youngest brother speaking more and more (I think) 
  • looking at a website about colleges a bit
  • a fairly understandable physics lesson
  • interesting math problems after school
  • a blog post by Nancy Rue
  • the Last Supper

18) Thank you, God, for:
  • playing soccer a wee little bit 
  • reading a sample of a book I might buy
  • trying a practice ACT-science
  • learning I have much to learn in science 
  • finishing a tiring chapter in social studies 
  • finally finishing homework 
  • answering a friend's emails 
  • planning to play soccer tomorrow 
  • someone agreeing that soccer is the best sport 
  • planning an after-the-school-year party (a little)
  • mom playing with most of my siblings 
  • Pride and Prejudice 
  • a brother having chicken pox (better early than late)
  • writing out something for my story 
  • talking with Dad a little 
  • warm weather 
  • reading the Bible as a family 
19) Thank you, God, for:

  • playing soccer with family and some younger kids at school 
  • an interesting history lesson
  • picking up stuff with classmates 
  • breakfast burrito 
  • being 16 years and 1 month old
  • finding a beautiful song on the internet
  • reading an email from my grandparents 
  • writing them back
  • talking a little with my brother 
  • my mom writing up a skit to perform tomorrow 
  • preparing that skit 
  • commenting on a blog post about writing and having it answered 
  • planning on baking some tomorrow 
  • a new arrangement in our room
  • beginnings of a closet
  • icecream that's shared 
  • not losing my contacts
  • sharing one of my book reviews on Facebook
  • knowing the meaning of Easter

What have you been thankful for this week? Share in the comments. I'd love to hear from you.