Monday, April 14, 2014

Anomaly by Krista McGee

There was a nuclear war. The Scientists were the only people who survived it. They were sure emotions were the reason for it, so they carefully constructed their new world to be emotionless. Just productive.

But Thalli is an anomaly. She FEELS. And if her secret is revealed she will be annihilated...

Typical Thalli: I know my malformation goes far beyond a sickness of the body. My mind is sick, my heart is sick. But I will never tell. Because, if I am perfectly honest, I like my sickness.

I loved Anomaly! Krista McGee is a brilliant author. The story world was well constructed, the plot twists in this book completely unpredictable (and numerous).That made the story so exciting. I just get used to one reality and then Thalli's world is turned inside out again. Both Thalli and Berk are characters I loved getting to know.

Generally, I don't read futuristic books, but this book proves that they can be great. I recommend this to all Christian teens and adults who want something that's out of this world, but still Christ-based.

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