Saturday, April 12, 2014

"Thankful April" project

List #2

As I mentioned on April 1st, I am trying to be thankful this month. It's really pretty cool! You can join me if you want. Here's the info about the "Thankful April" project and here's list #1. This is my list for April 6th-12th.

6) Thank you, God, for:
  • Jesus dying for me
  • playing with my family
  • reading a GREAT book with awesome plot twists 
  • a devotional by Nancy Rue
  • reading the book of Daniel (with study notes)
  • a guest pastor at church

7) Thank you, God, for:
  • writing more than 1000 words
  • connecting with other writers 
  • a friend at school 
  • some farely quiet time at home
  • a cake made by my younger brother 
  • writing a letter to my grandparents 
  • getting homework done early

8) Thank you, God, for:
  • doing a bunch of math problems
  • peaking from time to time at a kids' movie during the time I planned to do other stuff
  • being almost done reading a great book
  • learning about the World War II in history
  • m&ms
  • Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen 
  • reciting a short poem in class 
  • talking about Christian YA books a bit on Facebook 

9) Thank you, God, for:
  • listening to Christian music
  • cross-stitching a bit 
  • getting better (?) at volleyball 
  • writing some in the morning 
  • making plans for a new closet 
  • contacts 
  • gathering with the family for dinner 
  • finally finishing the dishes
  • learning that a friend won a pretty big giveaway 

10) Thank you, God, for:
  • laughing with a friend 
  • practicing some for the ACT 
  • watching a pretty interesting movie
  • learning that I won't have a test in language tomorrow 
  • looking at some homeschooling books and stuff on the internet 
  • a sick brother maybe feeling a bit better
  • parents' safe return home from work
  • reading an interesting poem in literature 
  • Easter coming up
  • WANTING to play volleyball

11) Thank you, God, for:
  • doing some pretty hard math problems with my tutor 
  • getting ready for a big test 
  • doing biology homework early 
  • eating a cake with family
  • reading Wordsmith (a book on writing)
  • getting an e-mail from a far-away friend
  • a thought that friend said that made me think a bit
  • reading a post on GoTeenWriters (a great blog)
  • putting both contacts on without mom's help 
  • a trip to a nearby town
  • Dad and Mom getting bikes from the repair shop

12) Thank you, God, for:
  • much needed (though sometimes not much wanted) tutoring in math 
  • ice skating for a bit more than an hour
  • ice cream after ice skating 
  • making a friend
  • being tired and then getting refreshed 
  • a practice test for the big test we have
  • finishing that practice test!
  • drawing 
  • messing up a few times in volleyball, but also getting it right sometimes 
  • seeing a teacher from school with her soon-to-be husband 
  • Dad quizzing us a little at the dinner table
  • burritos for dinner

What have you been thankful for? Share in the comments or post a link to your blog (if you have one, of course). I'd love to hear from you.


  1. im thankful for the fact my party neighbors did not party till midnight last nite and ended their bonfire at 11:00 p.m. instead of 12:00 am. Our niehbors love to party, and one of them is a DJ so he owns this gig hat he uses at parties they even have a disco ball!!!! they love to raise cain