Saturday, March 29, 2014

Right Where I Belong by Krista McGee

 Typical Natalia: “I will never, ever allow myself to fall in love. I won’t do to anyone what my father does to these women. And to me. Never. Do you hear me, God? Make me single. Have me travel the world or work with orphans or whatever. But don’t make me fall in love. I won’t do it. I can’t.”

 Natalia Lopez will never date. That is what God wants for her - to be single. Right? Certainly He doesn’t want her to create a family only to mess it up later like her father did. However, as Brian Younger comes into the scene, Natalia’s resolution wavers. He’s a Christian, a pastor’s son, a tall, fun boy who, more than anything, wants to serve Jesus. Natalia won’t admit that she thinks about him all the time. God wants her to be single. Right? Little by little, Natalia comes to realize God has placed her right where she belongs…

 Natalia struggles to understand that even though some families might break, that does not mean having a family is bad. God has a plan for her and He has her right where she belongs. The story is shown from two people’s points of view as is the second in the series. This book is fully centered on God. He helps the characters overcome their difficulties and doubts. Right Where I Belong will help you grow spiritually as well as entertain you. And I love Krista McGee's writing!

 This is the third of Krista McGee's first series. The first book of the series was First Date, the second one - Starring Me. For more on Krista McGee visit her website and facebook page.

 Disclaimer: I got this book for an honest review on Booksneeze.

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