Tuesday, March 4, 2014


This last Sunday the pastor at our church talked about evangelizing, about telling others the good news of God's forgiveness. So often we are afraid of what others will think, if this is the right time or the right way or whatever. But we need to talk about Him more. How awful is it to think that our 'saving face' can cost someone's eternity in heaven? What is more important? The answer is clear, of course. And life is so short. We don't know when it's going to end. So we need to hurry!

Lord, help us to talk about the Gospel more. I pray You use us to lead many people to You. Your Name be praised!

How about you? How hard (or easy) is it for you to talk about God with others? And if you have had God use you to do something great, I'd love to hear. Just comment below. 


  1. Very easy to talk about God and when doing Awana fairly easy to start presenting the Gospel but very hard to feel - even after years and years of training and experience, like I'm doing a good job clearly presenting it.

  2. Wow - I wish I could do it easily. :)