Thursday, March 27, 2014

Glasses, Contacts, the Bible and Heaven

On Tuesday I got contact lenses! I don't have awful eyesight, but it isn't good either. So, apart from my fear of taking things in and out of my eyes and the fact that they don't sit very well sometimes, I'm good. :) No, really, it's cool to see far off without having to put on glasses. So I thought of an analogy to our lives that I personally think is pretty good. Here it is:

 In life we by ourselves don't see far. We are all  near-sighted, seeing just today's problems and thinking that's all there is. The farther out, the picture becomes more and more blurry and sort of irrelevant. We think that we don't have to see it, that we're OK with seeing what we see.
 Then God gives us glasses- the Bible. And when we look through them we see a bigger picture, we see in focus things we didn't see at all before. And that is good.
 But sometimes we forget or choose not to put on the glasses. We stumble back into our blurry, unclear world until the next time we remember them and put them back on. Some of us are better at remembering. Some might have contact lenses that they wear most of the time. Still, they take them off to "rest" their eyes, to get a break from the "pressure". They don't understand that a "break" from seeing God isn't a break. It's misery.

 But get this: one day we won't need glasses or contacts at all. Why? Because the One who made them and gave them to us will give us something even better: perfect eyesight. We will be with Him and we will see Him. We will see Him clearly...
 That will be in heaven. I can't wait to be there.* How 'bout you?

*That's not at all to say that we should end our lives and go to Him right now. God has a plan for us on this earth. That's why we're here. And when we're done He'll pick us up Himself. :)

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