Monday, July 10, 2017

Hacksaw Ridge: A Review

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He did not have to go. He enlisted. He enlisted with a determination of being a medic, trying to fix the world as it was crumbling. But he does not believe in holding guns. And during World War II, that is a serious offense. This is the story of how Desmond Doss' faith and determination saved dozens of men in some of the world's most horrifying hours.

I have wanted to watch Hacksaw Ridge (trailer) for a while and have finally received the opportunity. This is a breath-taking movie based on the true story of Desmond Doss. The director, Mel Gibson, does a great job of showing both the gruesomeness of WWII and the hope only our Savior can bring. We see death after death, and it is horrifying. It should be. World War II was an insane time full of deaths. But we also see how sacrifice and doing what you know is right can save, literally save, people.

The quality of this movie is amazing. The truth it portrayed even more so. It hits a nerve because it was supposed to. I so wish we could undo World War II. I wish we could undo those deaths, those countless lives lost on all sides, in every country. But even though we cannot do that, we can remember those who fought and who sought to heal the world during that time.

Hacksaw Ridge is an R-rated movie and is not at all suitable for children. For teenagers and adults, though, it can be a vivid reminder of God's hand moving in remarkable ways.

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