Saturday, June 17, 2017


~Saturday Stories~

Do I look like I know what I’m doing?
They tell me I have more confidence now
When I’ve just become a better actress
It’s fun sometimes to pretend that life’s okay

Other times I just wish no one saw my life
As picture-perfect
Because it’s not even close
And I go to bed praying I don’t wake up

How about you? Have you ever felt that nobody really saw the struggle behind you nice-looking life? Have you given all your cares to the One who will always be there for you? 


  1. Really relate to the first stanza. People tell me often that I look confident, but I have a lot of social anxiety. I really feel like I've just become a better actress as I've gotten older. :p And, though I don't remember as often as I should, remembering to rely on my Savior. :)


    1. Alexa, thanks for sharing! It's really weird when people mistake acting confident with being confident, and I'm glad that our Savior has helped you through some of those times!