Sunday, June 11, 2017

Found in Translation by Roger E. Bruner

~Sunday Stories~

My weekend has been full of people and socializing and not going onto the computer much not to appear rude and great bunches of great food. And I missed yesterday’s post. But I want to make up for it! So, here we go: Sunday Stories. 

Typical Kim: "I didn't regret having to pay seventy-five dollars for the overweight extra suitcases, though. I needed everything I'd packed: a professional-quality hair dryer; enough matching shoes and purses to have a fresh look every day; a treasure chest of my best cosmetics and toiletries; enough clothes to wear separate day and night outfits for the next fourteen days; a steam iron and travel-sized ironing board; and a small, high-power portable karaoke system with dozens of accompaniment CDs and tons of extra D-cell batteries. Oh, and I'd packed a thick Spanish-English Bible I hadn't taken out of the box yet."

Kim is ready for her mission trip. Except for being late to her plane, that is. Then it turns out she missed a few important emails about the trip. Changes were made, and they are now headed to the middle of nowhere to help a small community after a windstorm. What?! With most of her stuff now useless and herself confused, Kim sets out on a trip only God could make anything out of. A trip where God uses her to an immeasurable extent, even if in unusual ways.

Found in Translation is a great book where Kim learns to trust God in all circumstances and with all plans. No matter how unlikely the plan, God can work miraculous things out of it. She learns about forgiveness and giving others second chances. Although somewhat predictable, this is was still a story that makes one rethink how we use our lives.

This is the first in the Altered Hearts series. The second, third, and fourth are A Season of Pebbles, Overshadowed, and The Flowers of His Field For more on Roger E. Bruner, visit his website and Facebook page

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