Saturday, March 11, 2017

Special to God

~Saturday Stories~

"You’re special to God, aren’t you? So you’re special to me." -Aleesha, Found in Translation

"He'd tell me I have so much potential and so much to look forward to because God has incredible plans in store for my life." - Unwritten Melody

"You are special in so many ways. You are kind. And you're so sweet with our children. You always put others first. ... But the most important reason is that God made you special, and he loves you so much." -Gloria, The Fight

How about you? Is it easy for you to forget that you are special to God and that He has great plans for you? Can you encourage someone with this truth today? 


  1. Yes Sofia..... I often feel worthless and not special..... : (

    1. Evan, I am so sorry about that! You are of great worth to your Maker!