Saturday, December 17, 2016


~Saturday Stories~

(This is not about my actual yesterday)

It was really loud.
And I had fun. 
I really did. 
But I'm pretty sure
I annoyed 
All my friends. 
Just by being me.
And, no, they 
Would never tell me
And it might not even be true
But I feel like I'm the most 
Annoying person ever. 
And today has been 
Marked, for me, 
By the giant belief
That I am worse 
Than what everyone 
Wishes I would be. 
But see, it's probably all me. 
Or most of it. 
And, yes, I know 
I am loved by 
God, family, friends.
But sometimes it feels
Like there's a great chasm 
Between my worth 
And theirs. 
God, let me let go 
Of this fear. 

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