Saturday, November 12, 2016

"I can't be who God wants me to be"

~Saturday Stories~

"Well, you know a tree is an apple tree when there are apples on the tree, right? It's the same idea. ... When somebody really loves God and wants to follow Him, there's evidence. Things you see in their life that show you that's what's in their hearts. None of us will be perfect, but you will see true Christians trying to follow God." -Beka's dad, The Masquerade

"I can't do it. I can't be who God wants me to be."
"Sometimes it seems all wrong at the time. And sometimes it is wrong. I personally am so grateful that God takes us from where we are. As long as we put our hand in His and let Him lead us, He will." -Jacie and her mother, Stuck in the Sky

"...I'm the only one who can fix my life now - and keep it fixed. Well, with the help of God, that is. I'm fully aware that I can't do this alone. Thank God I don't have to!" - Emily, Faded Denim

How about you? Is there evidence that you follow God? Do you let Him lead you? Are you grateful that we can't and are not expected to be perfect? 

God bless y'all! 

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