Wednesday, November 2, 2016


~Wednesday Movie~

I am sorry that I did not post on Monday; life got busy. 

Here is my review of the just-released movie Priceless.  

Life hasn't worked. It just hasn't. His wife has died, and his daughter is taken out of his custody. Finally finding a job, James is fine with the requirements: haul a truck, ask no questions, get good cash. But when he figures out exactly what - or who - he is hauling, James has to face his conscience head-on and face the consequences of either choice. 

Priceless explores a topic we so often avoid: sex trafficking. It emotionally ties you to what is a reality for so many around the world. While James fights to save the two girls form sex trafficking, it is hard not to think of the countless others who are basically powerless over their lives and over their bodies. The movie reminds us that God can be with us no matter the difficulties or our past mistakes. And He can use us to make change.

No nude scenes, but rape is implied. There is some violence. This movie is not appropriate for children.

Watch the captivating trailerRead the book Priceless, listen to the song, and check out the band behind this movie.  

Do you have a story about sex-trafficking? What can you do about this?

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