Saturday, September 17, 2016

"It's okay to be broken"

~Saturday Stories~

"It's okay to be broken. You know that, right?" -Mr. B, Angel Eyes

"It's like that first step. You have to take that first step, and then, if you want Him to, God can help you with the rest of it." -Renee, The Masquerade

"The key to everything is knowing that God loves you, and he shows you that love through Jesus. If you really want to believe that, you need to get to know Jesus better - not just in your imagination, but from who he is ... God has a book..." - Dr. Peter, Sophie's World

"Whatever His purpose, I understand something now I didn't before. A righteous God isn't bound by time. He has an eternity to make things right. In this moment I know. Even if He never reveals His reasons to me, even if He never explains why He allowed my mother and Ali to die, I'll still fight against the darkness so His light can spread." -Brielle, Angel Eyes

How about you? Have you ever felt guilty for being broken? Have you taken the first step and asked God to help with everything? Have you taken the time to get to know Jesus? Can you tell God that, even if He does not explain everything to you, you will still follow Him? 


  1. till heaven we are all broken sadly. Jesus makes us whole. Sofia, well, can you email me? I had q uestion. I rarely ask bloggers to email me so it's important to me. it is about Christianity and I wanted to personally mention it. Thank you. Also thank you for this blog.

    1. Hi, Evan! I am sorry, but I don't typically email guys that I do not not know in person. Can you ask me on the blog?

    2. ok. I understand why you would like privacy. There are lunatics out there who are trouble makers