Saturday, September 3, 2016

Stuck in the Sky by Lissa Halls Johnson

~Saturday Stories~

Typical Jacie: "I couldn't do it. I had the perfect chance, and I couldn't think of the words. All the things I know suddenly sounded stupid and awkward and what is real to me suddenly disappeared from my head."

Art? Stale with no opportunity to grow. Faith? Real, but very very hard to share. Everybody expects Jacie to be perfect in both these areas. She can't! She just can't! The only person that seems to see that is the "bad" boy in town, who, really, isn't all that bad. Of course, he might not be a Christian, which would complicate matters. But not if she keeps it a secret. The secret weighs on her heart, and she tries to mask it. Is there even a way out of this mess?

Stuck in the Sky deals with issues many teenagers face: family relationships, guy/girl relationships, and sharing your faith. The way Jacie's emotions and feelings about the boy were described depicted mine so well! The books also declared that sharing your faith can be done in more ways than one!

Stuck in the Sky is the first in the Brio Girls series. The other eleven are Fast Forward to Normal, Opportunity Knocks Twice, Double Exposure, Good-Bye to All That, Grasping at Moonbeams, Croutons for Breakfast, No Lifeguard on Duty, Dragonfly on My Shoulder, Going Crazy Till Wednesday, When Stars Fall, and Bad Girl Days. There are other authors also involved in the making of these books.

For more on  Lissa Halls Johnson, visit her website and her Facebook page.

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