Monday, April 11, 2016

New Hope

~Monday Movies & Music~

Senior year. Pastor's kid. Moving. Those three just don't go together. Oh, one more thing? Some of the community is still grieving a boy's suicide that happened a year ago. Newcomer Mike soon learns that fitting in will be a lot harder than he thought. Especially when Lucas, the dead boy's brother, seems to hate everything and everyone, especially Mike. And then there's the issue of how far is too far with a girl who seems so nice one second and so luring the next. 

New Hope (here is the trailer) is a movie that explores how people react to someone's suicide. There's a lot of anger, guilt, confusion. How can one get beyond that and, still realizing who that person was, live life how it's supposed to be lived? Does God really care about teenagers with broken hearts, sketchy pasts, and unanswered questions? 

Although New Hope did not have the best movie quality, the quality of the story and its moral are well worth the time spent watching it.  

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