Monday, April 18, 2016

God's Not Dead 2

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All she did was answer a question. In a history class where they were discussing Gandhi and Martin Luther King Junior. Was it really all that bad to answer a question comparing their methods to what Jesus taught? Apparently, yes. Teacher Grace Wesley has gotten into so much trouble for that half a minute where she let herself quote God's Word in a public school. Now it'll take great courage, others' encouragement, and, most importantly, God's help to prove to the jury that her license does not need to be revoked and to the world that the Bible can be discussed in the classroom. 

God's Not Dead 2, the sequel to God's Not Dead, explores whether or not teachers - or anyone else, for that matter - can discuss God and Christianity openly. While the beginning was not overly interesting, the ending gripped my emotions. However, like a good friend of mine told me, it would be nice to see more nice and polite non-believers, instead of making most of them pretty vehement about their stance against Christianity. 

God's Not Dead 2 dives into a topic that is well in need of a discussion. What do you think? Should teachers be allowed to discuss God in public schools?

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