Saturday, February 27, 2016

"You're so amazing, God" and more quotes

~Saturday Stories~

"You're so amazing, God! Thanks for caring about everything we're going through." -Mick, Grace Notes

"Now is always the right time for forgiveness." - Heather, So Over It

“And that’s how God sees us: dirty from sin, but worth the time spent standing on the porch watching for us to return. And He’ll wait until we’re ready to turn from our sin." - Pastor Scott, Worth the Time

"Thank you, God. I can see I've been a fool, and I'm really sorry. I'm not even totally sure what the next step is for me, but I pray that you will show me. I pray that I won't question you, and that I will obey. Thank you again for taking care of me. And once again I'm really, really sorry. Amen." -Caitlin, Becoming Me

How about you? Do you think God cares about what you are going through? Do you have somebody to forgive or somebody you should ask for forgiveness? Do you appreciate and thank God for waiting for you for so long? Have you cried out to God for direction?

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