Saturday, February 13, 2016

"B" is for Bad at Getting into Harvard

~Saturday Stories~

Typical Norie: "This was a common occurrence among the overachievers at King High. None of us could do everything that was expected of its brightest and best. ... I was right in there with them, scrambling to get the A's they were always telling us we had to earn to be worthwhile human beings- or at least to be better than each other."

Anything less than an "A-" is failure. That's what Norie has been told. Many, many times. So when a cheating ring breaks out amid the other overachievers, Norie is stuck. Isn't it okay to get one answer key to a chemistry pop quiz? Especially if the other choice leaves no chance of getting into Harvard?

"B" is for Bad at Getting into Harvard goes way into the pressured-to-be-perfect topic and shows that sometimes being the best isn't worth "whatever it takes." Norie's dad and King High itself create so much competition and stress she doesn't know what to do. At times like that, it helps to get quiet and listen to God. And have a group that supports you and prays with you all the way.

Stress is real. Cheating is real. And there's more that can be done than just ignoring it, or being pressured by it, or letting oneself cheat every once in a while.

B is for Bad at Getting into Harvard is the second in the Raise the Flag series. The first is Don't Count on Homecoming Queen. The rest are I Only Binge on Holy HungersDo I have to Paint You a PictureFriends Don't Let Friends Date Jason, and When Is Perfect, Perfect Enough?.

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