Saturday, August 8, 2015

"You ask his forgiveness" and more quotes

~Saturday Stories~

“You ask his forgiveness for your sins, and you trust him to take charge of your life because He loves you and He knows everything. And then you’re friends, too.” ~ Erin, Heart to Heart

“It’s funny how people say they don’t believe in God but blame Him when something bad happens. He never gets credit for all the good days, just blamed for the few bad ones." ~Beth, The New Recruit

"Well, it's up to us to make the choice. We can reject a free ride on the boat to Hawaii, or we can sit here and say, 'Yes, I believe in that boat, and I believe in Hawaii.' But unless we actually get on the boat, we're never going to make it to Hawaii." ~Todd, Summer Promise

“Ah, but of course if we really knew how much work it’d be to change ourselves, we’d be too overwhelmed to get started.” ~ Amy, Out with the In Crowd

How about you? Which quotes can you share?

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