Saturday, August 1, 2015

We'll see each other there

~Saturday Stories~

To the memory of Danika P.

So many have gone before us,
On this path called death,
Some to everlasting life
Some to everlasting hell.

And when you too
Shall close your eyes
And breathe your final breath
I hope you see Christ smile at you
Together you'll laugh at death.

I hope He says
"Dear child of Mine,
My death has cleansed your sins,
There is no awful dead of yours
That I have not forgiven."

There's but one way
To be so sure
That heaven's where you'll be
Ask for His mercy and give your heart
To the One who'll set you free.

So many have gone before us
On this path called death,
But if you're going to heaven too
We'll see each other there.

How about you? Have you lost anyone you knew, even if only a little? How has God helped you in your grief? 

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