Saturday, November 22, 2014

Faith in dark times

~Saturday Stories~

Not that long ago GoTeenWriters had a writing prompt contest. The first sentence was “I would need a lot of luck to make it out of this alive” and it was supposed to be not more than 100 words without that first sentence. Here’s what I got:

I would need a lot of luck to make it out of this alive. Not luck - faith. It was like a soft whisper beside me as I stepped around the numerous puddles of after-rain Berlin. I draped my cloak closer. Nearby a soldier screeched at a new group of Jews to get into the truck.  Hurrying my steps I moved to the other side of the road. “Hey you!” the soldier bellowed. My heart beat faster as I heard the hard footsteps approach. “You a Jew?!” I took a breath, whirled around and glared at him. “I’m the general’s wife, you scoundrel.”

If I were to actually write the story the woman here would really be the wife of a Nazi general. She’d also be a spy, spying on her husband and sharing the plans she heard of. I don’t know if there was a woman just like that in World War II. However, I DO know there were many great people who risked and lost their lives for protesting against the oppression. And not all of them, but probably some had a faith in God that propelled them forward. They believed in something more than the regime; they knew of a country far better than what Hitler was trying to make. And then, of course, there are countless heroes of other wars and ones in times of peace.

You see, our faith is something huge. Something grand enough to die for.

"For to me, to live is Christ and to die is gain." Philippians 1:21 (NIV)

How about you? What are you willing to give for your faith? What stories do you know of other great men and women who fought for what they believed in?

P. S. There are still people being persecuted for their faith even today (however awful and totally unrealistic that sounds). You can find out more at Open Doors.

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