Saturday, October 18, 2014

Maureen the Detective by Veda Boyd Jones

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*Note: this review was originally written awhile back, so its format is different than usual.*

Maureen came to America from Ireland with her mama and papa when she was three. At almost eleven, both her parents were "sleeping with the angels". Maureen was soon adopted by the kind employers of her mama. With her new cousin, Mark, she found a handbag belonging to someone who everyone called crazy. She decided to return it to the mysterious lady. Was that the right choice? Is the old woman crazy as everyone says she is?

Maureen the Detective is set in or around the year 1903. Maureen's mama worked for the Stevensons, who later adopted the girl. From a cook's daughter she became a banker's daughter in a short time. Maureen doesn't know where she belongs and that comes up a lot in the story. Also becoming a citizen is discussed. God is not brought up many times. You can read about the Stevensons going to church and Mrs. Stevenson being a good Christian woman, but not much more. This is one of the Sisters in Time books.

Target audience: 10-13 years old. Issues dealt with: feeling left out, being an immigrant, losses of loved ones, becoming a citizen. I would give it a 3 for spiritual content; the story itself is beautiful.

`And God will wipe away every tear from their eyes.' Revelation 7:17b

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