Saturday, October 1, 2016

I'm doing well?

~Saturday Stories~

I'm doing well.
What about you?
School is pretty good;
The homework load okay.
I have a couple papers due,
But it's all manageable.
Made friendships over the summer;
Continued them in the fall.
Roommates? Roommates are good.
We get along well, yes.
Just "As" and "Bs"
I probably get more sleep now
Than I did last year.
Work is manageable.
Finances look okay.
Church is supportive.
All's good, right?

If on the outside everything looks good,
That doesn't mean I feel good.
I can smile to you
And cry five minutes later.
Don't just ask me questions.
Look into my eyes,
Spend time with me,
Pour into my life.
Then feel free to ask me questions.
And pressure me for honest answers


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