Saturday, September 26, 2015

In desolate places, through hard years

~Saturday Stories~

Here's something I wrote from a prompt:

 We are driving through a desolate place, and I'm about to tear up. Because I know this place. Every rock, really. My gaze sweeps the five dilapidated houses stuck in the middle of nowhere. My everywhere. God, why is this so hard?

 We stop, and Lily whispers softly into my ear. "Get out, Katrina. It'll be okay." I take my time opening the door, stepping onto familiar ground. I point. That's where I lived. That's Joanna's house. Kory's little hut that was also used as a church. The brown spot of ground where Jim's old RV trailer used to be. Everyone else back then were adults, but these kids were my life. Now I am an adult, and returning to Clay Village is something I don't know how to do. God, help.

 I ran the familiar half-mile track a couple times. There. I am home, if only for a little while. I come back to the car to where Lily holds the camera. "I'm sorry, Kat." "There was a drought. There was nothing we could do."

 A sudden quiet peace comes over me as I realize that, although God did orchestrate that drought He also saw me through the years that followed. All those hard years. I smile and reach out. "Let's go take some pics."

How about you? Have you had unwanted changes in your life? How has God seen you through?

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