Saturday, September 19, 2015

Catie Conrad by Angie Spady

~Saturday Stories~

 Typical Catie: "Then I got to work on cutting out fabric for Sophie’s apron. Whenever Mom sees fabric on sale, she buys a few yards of something she thinks I might like. Sophie’s favorite color is orange, so I picked out a fruity print in orange and pink, and I’m going to paint an orange S on the pocket. I can’t wait to see her face when I finally finish it."

 Life would be SO much easier without any brothers and their pet skunks, classmates who think they're the best, and moms who say "no" every time you ask for a new phone. Katie tries to be patient, but it's so hard when the Germ (a.k.a. little brother Jeremy) is driving her nuts. And upon all that "normal" stress there's a dance to get ready to and an art show Caries absolutely has to enter. She IS the next famous fashion designer, right?

 Catie Conrad: Faith, Friendship and Fashion Disasters is written as a diary full of illustrations. Sometimes the constant capitalization of words made it hard, but the story was still interesting. From spa disasters to mission trips, it is full of a sixth grader's secret thoughts.

 The good news is that the book is founded on Christian truths. Catie learns that God is in control and that she should be less selfish.

 This is the first in the Desperate Diva Diaries Series. The second is Catie Conrad: How to Become the Most (un)Popular Girl in Middle School.

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