Saturday, May 23, 2015

When trust backfires

~Saturday Stories~

Tessa Emily Hall does writing prompts every couple of weeks. Not too long ago I joined in.

I'd told one too many people what my dream job was. That meant I'd told exactly one and he told me exactly what I didn't want to hear. The evening was growing dark and the only light was my mom doing something in the kitchen. Swinging on the porch together I thought I might as well since we'd been together for about three months. And I'd prayed about it, right? That he -or somebody- would get it that my dream job wasn't just a silly ole cliche. But as I looked into his eyes and said that secret that nobody else knew I saw the spark die out in them. He was bored. He didn't care. He said that I made my own choices and, well, I didn't have to include him all the time. And then that guy slipped into silence for exactly three seconds before saying "I like another gal. Would you mind much?" So I guess boyfriends are just like an audition: about a thousand girls vying for that one that actually cares.  Only one gets him. It sure wasn't me. Anyway, on September 7th I stepped into New York on my own with absolutely no one beside me or cheering me on. Scratch that. I had God. I breathed in a sigh of relief. He knew. He cared. And He wasn't too bored to stick with me.

Have you ever trusted in someone just to have it backfire on you? What helped you get on your feet again? How has God proven to you that you can always trust Him and lean on Him?

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