Saturday, February 14, 2015

Purple Moon by Tessa Emily Hall

~Saturday Stories~

Typical Selena: If people really got to know me—my weaknesses, my pain, my “bad habits”—they’d reject me in a heartbeat. That’s what I fear. But whether or not it’s true, it’s just safer not giving them the chance. Easier for me just to allow people to only know what I reveal to them about myself. Nothing deeper... Once I begin to trust people enough to give them the key to my heart, they have access to knowing all about me—and permission to make fun of my flaws. That’s when I get hurt. Then I’m scarred forever.

Her father rejected her. Her boyfriend hurt her. Now Selena longs for a new start. She and her mom move from New York City to a small town named Lake Lure for the summer - a new beginning for both of them. But can it really work this time? Can Selena find something new and refreshing in this life that has only thrown her problems? Will there ever be a fairy tale just for her?

Purple Moon is a story of healing, a story of learning to trust again. Selena's father is a pastor and after he throws her mom and her out of the house, Selena finds it hard to even come near Christians. They're way too "perfect" for her. Anyway, it's God who caused all the problems, right? With the help of new friends and experiences, Selena comes to learn more of the awesome God who has a very special plan for her future.

Selena's back story affected who she became; believing in Christ wasn't easy for her. I admire that Tessa Emily Hall wrote a story so full of brokenness and yet spilling over with hope also. I felt that the beginning was slow and the ending was stretched. Also, Austin sometimes seemed to perfect of a guy. But, overall, this is a story of someone who was broken healing - with Christ. Because Christ's the only One who can truly heal.

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  1. Sorry I accidentally deleted your comment, Evan. You said:

    "I know that book! I read it last summer. Tessa is supposedly gonna do a sequel someday. I've been fo Lake Lure before, there are Very rich people there who have multi million dollar houses on the shore surounding the lake. One of the most top ten most beutaful lakes or something like that in 2013. Have a good sunday Sofia! "

    Cool. Did you like the story? Oh, I supposed she just made it up, lol. Thanks! Have a great day too.

  2. Yeah, I thought Austin was too perfect as well. I think I'm going to reread it this summer. I just wish I could do it by Lake Lure. ;)

    1. Yep, that's one of my pet peeves in fiction. :) Neat. What was your favorite part? That would be nice, even if it'a totally unrealistic dream. :) Blessings!

    2. I don't remember much about it, but the scene at the end when she finally starts drawing again was pretty awesome. :) What's your favorite?

    3. Cool. Mine might be when she gets mad and drives off because it has more tensio than most of the book. I might have cried, but maybe not. Don't remember. :) What genre do you read most?

    4. I tend to read contemporaries the most, but I've been looking for some good Christian novels. Have any suggestions? I know what one person calls too preachy may mean the world to someone else, so I'm willing to give anything a try.

    5. Let's see... 1) Nancy Rue's Real Life series is pretty good. Her Reluctant Prophet trilogy made me really think about stuff. And the anti-bullying series, of which I've read two, is neat. Especially the second one.

      2) I basically loved all six of Krista McGee's books. Well, the last one of the Anomaly trilogy was a bit too violent for me.

      3) Stephanie Morrill's The Reinvention of Skylar Hoyt series - awesomeness. I've only read the first two, but they're really cool.

      4) Nicole Quigley's Like Moonlight at Low Tide is a hard read and deals with hard issues. But I think it's worth a read.

      What are some Christian books you enjoyed?