Saturday, February 7, 2015


~Saturday Stories~

This week I wrote a paragraph for Tessa Emily Hall's Monday Minute Challenge. Here it is:

I glance in the telescope again. “I never stop being amazed by Saturn. It’s beautiful.” “Ye alway say tha, Henry” Jack chuckles and I chuckle back. Memories wash over me as I find one constellation after another. “You know, Jack, I used to think these planets and stars somehow effected our lives.” I smirk. “I was the most fervent believer in that there ever was.” “Nah, Henry. Others maybe, but ye – ye always was a Christian. I can’t think no different.” I laugh and rip my gaze from the telescope. Moonlight blinds me for a moment. Jack sits beside me smiling. “Oh, that would have been splendid. But it’s not how it works.” I hear a couple cars whiz by on the closest road about a half-mile away. And then again silence. I shake the stillness off before the tears start. “Pass me a chocolate bar, will you?” “Sure.” I look up into the stars and again wonder at the thought that the God who shaped them all would take my life and change it. That’s what I call grace. Too bad she didn't know it. 

How about you? Are you amazed at God's grace toward you? What are some ways you can share the news?

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