Saturday, August 19, 2017

In Between by Jenny B. Jones

~Saturday Stories~

Katie Parker is terrified of living with her new “picture perfect” foster family. But when your mom is in prison and you’ve been in a home for girls for six months, you do not really get to pick. Settling into In Between, Katie’s choice of friends quickly makes everything hard for her. Will she be able to survive the year without getting a mug shot? Can she help her foster family address serious questions instead of always pretending to have it all together?

In Between is quite a fun novel. Katie has an amazingly sarcastic voice that I absolutely loved. Still, the novel addressed serious questions. Katie tries to free herself from her mom’s legacy and is quite disappointed with herself when she fails every once in a while. She also deals with other people judging her because of her mom’s history and her own previous school offenses. Her foster family also deals with family issues, making their daughter’s story into a secret and arguing about it. 

I loved that the book showed the struggles of Katie’s foster family, even though they lived a picture-perfect life and had a strong faith. Throughout the series Katie is told many truths about God, but she is not sure about it all yet.  

In Between (currently free via kindle) is the first in the Katie Parker Production series. The rest are On the Loose, The Big Picture, and Can't Let You Go

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  1. Oh, this sounds so good! And similar to the book I'm writing, actually. Went ahead and downloaded it and can't wait to dive in! (though I will have to because as soon as I got my TBR to a manageable state, I overloaded it again. :p)

    Nice review! Thanks for the recommendation!


    1. Alexa, again, I am SO sorry that I took so long to respond. The semester was crazy, and a lot of things got put in the "to-do-later" list and are just now being done. Sorry!

      Have you read the book yet? Did you enjoy it? How's your work in progress doing?

      My TBR is so huge too!

    2. It's totally fine! It has taken me till May to reply to January comments, so this is nothing. ;)

      I did! I thought it was pretty good, not my favorite, but about 3 1/2 stars. I've got a review going live on Verbosity next Saturday, if you want to read more!

      Thanks for asking! I haven't been able to work on it quite so much lately. I'm in a bit of waiting period on that, honestly, waiting on some people who are reading over my book proposal. But I'm hoping to get some replies soon and get back to working on it. :)

      I'm trying to use my break to cut down on mine, haha! I guess we'll see what I can manage in the next week and a half before I have to go back to school.


    3. Just read your review. I love that you mentioned that nothing in the book was wasted in the end. :)

      Hope you get back to working on your WIP! What's your favorite thing you've read this Christmas break?

    4. :) Thanks for reading it!

      I have a little. Not sure yet how I'm going to balance it with school starting, but I'm definitely trying. :)

      Haha, I don't know! So many of them were good! I really liked Princess Ben, the Wingfeathers, and The Nest.. I'm doing reviews about all of them too, sometime in the next couple weeks. :) Maybe I'll have decided by then, haha.

      Oh, also, I just noticed I spelled your name wrong when I referred to you in my review. :p Sorry about that. No matter how many times I proofread posts, there's always a typo or two. :p

  2. Good luck! Yeah, school/college starting is always such a stop-sign to so many cool things... How have the first week or two gone for you?

    I'll keep an eye out for the reviews.:)

    No big deal at all. I get that so often!