Saturday, July 23, 2016

Counted Worthy by Leah E. Good

~Saturday Stories~

Typical Heather: "I clenched the Bible until my hands ached. These pages held the words of life, but how many would have to die to preserve them?"

Heather's dad just got arrested. The government had tracked the Bible to their house. Now alone, Heather struggles to know what God wants of her. Should she try to help her dad, and how can she when the government has the general population tricked? But with the underground Church and friends that never leave, Heather is about to learn about God's amazing power. And she might not be the only one.

Counted Worthy, though set in the future, reminds of the drastic reality of persecution many people face today. Their faith is illegal. A Bible, if found, could get them killed. In times like this, the people can only call out to the One who has delivered others before. Never sure of their present deliverance, they can know that their Savior has died for them and will be waiting for them on the other side of death.

Though a little slow at the beginning, the story picks up and causes one to turn pages later on. A story reminding of a difficult truth, Counted Worthy will help you value God's Word.

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